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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  December 13, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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so you can wear them on your neck or wind them up and snap them for storage. i'm all about fun at christmas. let's start with the little babies. "star trek" feeder, anyone? kids of almost any age will love the big power hand. oh, santa? and one more fun item i couldn't resist, prank packs. you pack a gift in there. but the recipient unwraps it and thinks you've given them a whole-family snuggie or in-shower coffee machine. good luck with your holiday shopping. becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> i want those gloves. california. >> i want those gloves. that's what's making news in closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc >> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield. the 3 a.m. shift has been
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shutdown because of protesters. activists are celebrating this morning. they are declaring victory. vast majority of californians say bring on the new taxes. the results of a poll are out and they show big support for the governor's tax increases that will affect everyone. live look downtown san francisco, skies clear here we have fog temperatures dropping below freezing. i'll show you where black ice may be forming. chp just arrived of an injury accident out of castro valley, northbound 238 i'll have details plus roadwork going on. 4:31. busy tuesday morning. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. a handful of occupy protesters are out at the port of oakland right now after they imagined to shutdown an overnight shift
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of port workers. amy hollyfield is live with the latest. >> reporter: they are very proud out here at what they've done. you can see behind me the group is starting to break up. some have decided to stay and celebrate. the group took a vote and decided everyone can do their own thing. if they needed to get rest and let the longshoremen come back at 7:00 this morning, that would be fine. they want to respect that the longshoremen need to make a living. they are very proud of the crowds they had, especially last night. there were so many people that the 7 p.m. shift was cancelled for safety reasons. between 100 and 200 longshoremen stayed home and truckers had to park and wait that created some frustration among some work hers who say they will lose money but not because they -- they couldn't work yesterday. protesters say they are making a statement for people like the truckers and long
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shorement and they feel like they had an important impact. >> came to be a 24 hour shutdown which has never been accomplished in the history of occupy oakland the previous port shutdown was 12 hours. we doubled our last time which is great. it has been seen around the world this has been done and we can coordinate specific protests worldwide to make this movement heard in a different way. >> reporter: no official action is scheduled for today. the crowd now is small most left saying they need rest. one woman said she is part of occupy sf so she has to get back to that movement. protesters are busy saying they need their rest to keep the movement going. looks like the port will be up and running later this morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. iraq war veteran scott olsen was among the protesters
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leading the march last night. you see him in the center wearing a neck brace, received a traumatic brain injury in a confrontation with police during a march october 24th. oakland mayor quan has called the port protest economic violence. her position is shared. the disruptions created backlog truckers are now paying fees to leave a container at a nearby lot. >> even one day puts everything behind. if you had a vessel to meet today that you are not going to meet, now you have to wait for the next vessel that could be a week or two. >> people have to think about who are they hurting? they say we want to get the attention of the ruling class. i think the ruling class is laughing and people in this city will be crying this christmas it's really gotta stop. >> police were able to take a hands off approach. a search underway for the
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gunman who shot a man in the parking lot of an in and out burger. police believe it was a target attack. a witness heard three shots and everyone scattered. >> i looked in the corner and i saw there was three guys from in and out that worked here they took off running. >> the victim is in critical. he has been lifeflighted to the hospital in walnut creek. >> police say there were others in the car sitting with the victim but not hurt. investigators trying to pin down the motive they haven't ruled out drugs. governor brown's deficit reduction plan gets high marks in a new poll. for the governor it is a different story. the plan would raise taxes on the rich as well as the state's sales tax. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. what does this poll say about the politicians themselves? >> reporter: governor brown's approval rating is holding steady around 42%.
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in the meantime, your taxes could be going up and the vast majority of you appear to be okay with that. the public policy institute of california has released results of a poll that asked voters about brown's tax plan. it would raise the sales tax byvo half cent and high income earners would spl"%eñ paying more income tax starting with individuals who make more than $250,000 a year. 65% of adults say they support additional taxes in the plan. 89% say they've already seen government services and schools affected by spending cuts. >> 85% say they are very or somewhat concerned about the impact of looming trigger cuts. the governor is expect announce this week which dramatic mid year automatic spending cuts will take effect. all projections show state revenues will come up billions short and that is the trigger. one billion dollars short and
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universities and social services budgets will be slashed to the tune of 100 million dollars each. if the state is two billion dollars short, public schools may have to shorten the school year seven more days to 168 days. the governor's plan would generate seven billion dollars a year, temporary, for five years, and then taxes would go away. the legislative analyst projects the deficit next year will be 13 billion dollars. katie marzullo, abc7 news. food bank that serves the bay area coming up short and needs help. second harvest of santa clara and san mateo counties says it only has a quarter of the food and cash donations it was counting on. the number of people served has increased by half in the past few years. the need is great throughout the bay area if you would like to help join us all day thursday for our annual share
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the holiday food drive. a rush of donations has saved a military care package program after thieves stole funding. the blue star moms lost more than $3,000 in the card skimming scam at lucky stores. after reports about the theft, donations started pouring in. the group now says it has enough to cover the theft at least 500 lucky supermarket shoppers have been affected. tonight caltrans plans to look at plans for a bike and pedestrian lane on the westside of the bay bridge. they are holding a meeting focused on alternative designs. the new span will have a bike lane from oakland to [ unintelligible ] the toll authority agreed to study designs for the person span even though there's no money for the project. 4:38. time for a check on the forecast. was it cold enough for you? >> cold enough but not wet a
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trade off. >> a trade off. in our house, no frost on my windshield but my son's car maybe a quarter inch thick he's going to have fun. >> get the credit card out. >> yep. >> toes he have a credit card? >> he does, -- but it is not in his possession that's a long story. good morning. frost is a possibility this morning. so is freezing fog that's my concern now. novato less than a quarter mile visibility, santa rosa, four miles also 29° and novato 32. that's where could you see some of that freezing fog or black ice develop on elevated surfaces like bridges and overpasses. at or below freezing napa, fairfield,. mid to upper 30s through most of the bay shore low to mid 40s oakland and san francisco. by the time we get to 8:00
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still freezing inland everything will start thawing. noon, mostly sunny, low to mid 50s. temperatures today even with more sunshine than yesterday, still top out in the mid to upper 50s around 1:00, 2:00, then fall back into the low to mid 50s by 4:00. may see a few clouds this afternoon. tomorrow dry, thursday slight chance of a scattered showers. like we had over the weekend not all of us will get it, it won't be heavy, dry again, through monday. good morning. we have a connection ramp closed on the peninsula, southbound 280, the highway 92 scheduled until 6:00 this morning. as you make your way through that area. i notice the speed sensors just changed to 65 miles an hour, they might have cleared that closure earlier we'll keep you posted. earlier injury crash reported in the hayward area,
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san leandro coming out of castro valley is on the 14th street on-ramp to northbound 238 on the shoulder minor brake lights as you approach 238 that's the usual as you drive through the area. 4:41. >> listen to this, a room full of evidence in a burglary case, a judge orders it returned to a convicted thief. next, the one thing that could stop that move. new head of pg&e promises the utility will upgrade its pipelines. guess who he says should pay for it?xh @xtxtxtñññññññññññññññ
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good morning. let's take a live look at the port of oakland now. for a second straight morning occupy has managed to cause disruptions. the longshoremen their 3 a.m. shift cancelled. we'll see about the 7:00
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supposedly they will be allowed to report with no problems. yesterday there was a mass march and demonstration that did disrupt operations. we'll continue to follow it. pg&e's new ceo repeated the company's position that customers should pay most of the two billion dollar cost of repairing and upgrading the pipeline network. anthony earley held a meeting yesterday. he took on the company's top job three months ago. last year's deadly san bruno pipeline explosion was one of the main topics. he was asked about the federal investigation that found the company did a poor job of recordkeeping on pipelines and a lack of transparency. >> that is something we need to look at and talk to the cpuc about and what is the appropriate approach to access to records. >> earley says the company plans to spend more than two billion dollar tossup grid the pipeline system. the company says it will pick up 500 million of that but the
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remaining 1.7 billion will be passed on to rateaers if it is approved -- rate payers if it is approved by the utility commission. police recovered eight truck loads of stolen goods when they arrested two in march of last year. a lot of items have not been claimed. normally, they would be auctioned off with the money going into city coffers. a judge signed off on an order to return the stuff to her when is released from jail. >> she should have to prove she had legal right to have this property. i believe we have a lot of outstanding victims and this is toll len property. >> now she is out -- stolen property. >> now she is getting out and profiting from this, ridiculous. >> a court spokesperson says the judge approved the order after her lawyer and police legal officer agreed to the deal. former penn state football coach jerry sandusky faces his
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accusers in court this morning. there are new questions about what the prime eyewitness saw. >> going to college in california is more expensive than ever. one state lawmaker has a plan to save students thousands. movement to turn california's top politician into part-timers. edew
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high temperatures across the country in case you are leaving us today midwest to the south 50s to 67 around new orleans, 40s throughout the upper midwest into new england and around seattle and portland with 37 in denver, 58 phoenix. airports right now philly having flight departure delays from the northeast across the midwest rain around st. louis, kansas city, memphis showers and waterspouts around l.a. there could be delays there. check out our flight tracker at at the bottom.
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an investigation underway after two army helicopters crashed on a washington base killing four soldiers. crews arrived at the scene 8:00 last night officials say the choppers crashed at joint base lewis-mcchord south of tacoma. it is not known whether the aircraft collided or crashed separately. both helicopters were on a a training mission. jerry sandusky heads to court this morning. he has just arrived at the courthouse you see the live pictures there with police lined up and the vehicles there with sandusky just about to get out and walk in. he's heading to court to face his accusers and listen to their stories of sexual abuse. he has denied allegations of sexual offenses against boys as young as 10 years of age. tahman bradley has more.
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>> reporter: in court today for the first time, former penn state an cities coach jerry sandusky faces his accusers at a pretrial hearing some of the 10 will explain under oath how sandusky allegedly molested. he says his client is eager to take the stand but the large number of press won't make it easy. >> it will be more of an add saerl process he's ready to go forward -- >> reporter: in what could be a setback for the prosecution one of the key witnesses mike mcqueary's testimony is being called into question. mcqueary says he witnessed sandusky raping a 10-year-old boy in the showers in 2002 and he told head coach joe paterno and penn state officials. now, a local paper says, a mcqueary family friend told the grand jury he spoke with mcqueary on the night of the alleged incident and mcqueary
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told him he never actually saw any sex only an encounter that seemed suspicious itch the attorney general has not said how many alleged victims -- will testify today and what evidence will be presented. that money bradley, abc7 news. >> the penn state sex abuse scandal has california lawmakers doing more to make athletic programs in the state safer for children. a new bill requires organizations to provide training on what is inappropriate and illegal contact with minors. another proposal would add coaches -- [ unintelligible ] a state lawmaker will unveil legislation that he says could help california's college students save billions. he wants to put textbooks for most college courses online
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for free. he plans to introduce bills to create the digital library. some students announcing an online petition today targeted at lawmakers and professors, urging them to support the bills. we remember that conundrum, you had to buy the book force that semester if you tried to update it, the professor wrote a new edition you had to buy. it was expense. >> yeah. sunshine, free this morning. what we need is rain. >> we will still need it even after this forecast. i was looking at the 8 to 14 day forecast through next sunday which most people know is christmas that is going to be dry. i mean it is just incredibly dry outside. moisture lingering from yesterday. you can see haze, a little fog san francisco from sutro tower that high-def picture a little fuzzy. you can see north bay along
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101 from santa rosa, 28 to the thicker fog around novato and 32. napa not reporting fog at the freezing mark. fairfield 31 frost in the east bay valleys, concord and livermore 3 -- 34. everybody okay as far as frost or freezing fog. 38 watsonville gilroy 33°. today by 8:00 no more threats of freezing fog or frost mostly sunny afternoon still cool but dry today. the same type of forecast tomorrow and then a chance of an isolated shower for thursday. a lot like questioned, i felt a few sprinkles when i was outside that was about it. the next 8 to 14 days, dry, pattern not going to break. mid to upper 50s in the south bay the same on the anyone's
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lap. mid 50s -- northbound beaches low to mid 50s inland valleys mid to upper 50s mid to upper 50s east bay shore as we head into those east bay valleys with antioch and brentwood some of the cooler spots 54 monterey bay mid to upper 50s. could get near 60 gilroy and hollister. scattered show showers tahoe 40 nothing to keep from you going up there. 47 yosemite showers linger through the morning haven't seen reports of waterspouts lately, a couple hours ago offshore around l.a. mountain snow at their higher elevations and showers around palm springs. tonight low 30s north bay valleys, low to upper 30s east bay valleys. more fog than what we had this morning. other than that small chance thursday everything is dry.
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heads-up if you take the bay ferry out of vallejo mechanical problems. they are going to use coach 21 buses for the 6:30 departure out of vallejo and a bus for the 7:35 departure leaving san francisco. other mass transit reporting -- no problems here southbound 680 past north main to highway 24. also, north bay, still a quiet ride southbound through san rafael past the marin civic center looking great on 101 south bay with headlights moving northbound delay-free out of gilroy. get the latest traffic by going to 4:55. an effort underway to switch california's legislature from fulltime to part-time.
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the anti-tax group people's advocate is collecting signatures for november 2012 ballot measure not only part-time but would slash salaries by 75%. to $18,000 a year. supporters say the change would attractive vick-minded people instead of career politicians. >> might be the chairman of the rotary club, a farmer who couldn't takeoff fulltime but could say three winter months i could takeoff and come back and run my business. >> what happens i think as a consequence of that were it to occur is that more authority and power would migrate to those who are unelected. >> the initiative would prohibit law makers from accepting appointments to departments a agencies and committees for at least five years after leaving office. 4:56. declaring victory, the occupiers extend their strike
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to keep the port shutdown overnight. we are live what workers can expect this morning. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in santa clara those who want to bring the 49ers to a new home in the south bay expected to take a huge step forward tonight. some are saying wait a minute, that's not the deal voters approved. the story coming up in a live report. how a charity concert six years ago is about to meet a ma -- [ unintelligible ] 8t8t8t8taúaúap
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